Boldesqo Serif (Typeface)

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    When looking at your achievements so far — which of your fonts are you happiest with? I like almost all of them, although I have recurring doubts about my earliest releases and would perhaps prefer to take them out of the program — which takes us back to the subject of premature releases.Of course, I am…

    Garibaldi Typeface

      Garibaldi is a text typeface based on humanist calligraphy. It has an organic look and feel, while preserving the traditional construction of roman typography. It all started with a desire to learn more about the origin of the strokes on humanist typefaces. To accomplish that, Garibaldi features a 20° axis, medium contrast based on translation and expansion, asymmetric serifs,…

    Lettering wordmarks

    ⓒ All rights reserved. Design by Lukas Vanco. Thank you for your time.

    Quantio Slab Typeface

    Process behind: Calligraphy based, pencil marking, vectorizing in Illustrator, refining in FontLab.

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